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Regional membership acquisition for the visionaries among us as members of the association can be generated through a closed and joint global presence, also through support from experts and a constantly growing number of members who can use exclusive advantages for themselves. We design a closed and nevertheless individual, digitized presence for you in order to win new members in your environment online and offline and to network them with you.

Existing members

For most of the visionaries among us, it takes a lot of effort to gain new members. Due to the mutual exclusivity among the members, it is again very easy to win over new, satisfied members, as mutual benefits strengthen the community and togetherness. People, to whom one would otherwise not have access, are made aware of me and my ventures, which in turn creates a symbiosis with one another and mutual appreciation emerges through the togetherness.

World Wide Web

We will make this possible for everyone by 2021 at the latest, so that we can also be found more quickly on other platforms, because an innovative community enables you to establish your presence outside the MyFair Institute. By providing and receiving benefits, we also expect something to be given back and in our case that is only a few seconds of your time that you can use to our visionaries by giving positive reviews if you are satisfied. This happens every time the FairZone is accessed by taking advantage of an advantage made available there. Equal give and take should make us aware that we can achieve anything together in a strong community.

Regional for EVERYONE

Just being part of a common community can sometimes make the difference between success and failure. The online presence is adapted on the one hand to your undertakings within the community and on the other hand it is designed together with all visionaries in your region, so that everyone enjoys benefits from everyone and we can generate a large number of new members in your environment, who in turn are targeted can use the network of MyFair Institute and thus also support the region. Those who in turn use the regional innovations in the club, create advantages for themselves and strengthen the environment in which you are, is the positive result of this.

Placed worldwide

Since MyFair Institute is not only active in your district, but also members from all over the world will find us in the community, all visionaries and all members are also ranked globally. This ensures you a permanent and worldwide appreciation of all members in order to be perfectly positioned for the future in this segment as well.

Our memberships


249€ / Year

  • Entry FairZone
  • Exclusive networking
  • Own Backoffice
  • QR-Code Module
  • Social Media Templates
  • Marketing Pool
  • Association lectures
  • Seminars and education
  • My network
  • Worldwide placement
  • Value added