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About MyFair

Welcome to MyFair Institute, an independent, worldwide growing community that was founded for the benefit of the general public and offers impressions for every member to realize themselves in it and to freely and independently design their environment. In this way, we guarantee you to be able to exchange ideas with one another in the MyFair Institute community free of censorship, far from all to you known social networks, in order to gain advantages from one another worldwide and to network. The idea and the keynote behind MyFair is to bring people together again, to re-convey the awareness of togetherness and to revive private contacts in an increasingly digitized world. One of the most important points for us is to put regionality back in the foreground, because this is exactly how we create a stable environment for ourselves and our fellow human beings, in which we can live and develop freely. Only when being surrounded by people who are also satisfied do I have the opportunity to build a sustainable future myself, satisfied and self-determined. In addition, we support regional companies in order to help them to remain stable in the market, which in turn offer all members exclusivity and pass on their appreciation to the community. In the resulting symbiosis between all members, it is possible for us to secure our livelihood through our own cohesion within the resulting ECO system. This should give everyone the opportunity to create their own environment and to act freely and informally in it, with the best of their knowledge and belief towards their fellow human beings.

The basic values ​​of society in the form of solidarity with one another, honesty and respect for one's fellow human beings, the courage to create new things together and thereby rebuild trust among one another should encourage us to redesign our world together without prejudice against others based on origin, religion or social origin . Despite regional appearances, all members are also globally connected and passively appreciate each other, which in turn should contribute to better international understanding across national borders and continents and create a bond within the entire community. One person alone cannot make much difference, but community can achieve great goals and accomplish deeds. Furthermore, we offer all members a wealth of expert knowledge in a wide variety of areas such as alternative education, alternative health, personality development, clubs and alternatives in everyday life, as well as ever new exciting topics that are freely accessible to everyone to further education and knowledge in special areas to mediate among each other. Access to education, knowledge and information should therefore be implemented globally as simply and accessible as possible. Older people in particular often suffer enormously from the lack of communication due to digitization, here too we want to set new standards in order to maintain regionality for them and also bring digitization closer to you in a playful way and make it suitable for everyday use. In this way, we want to convey our findings to as many people as possible, provide education and awareness for one another in a digital world and help you to shape your everyday life in the future together and in consideration for one another, with the aim of " regional - global ”and to deal with each other with respect. A cooperation and a lively exchange among all members is therefore aimed for in order to exchange knowledge and what has been learned, as well as new innovations and experiences with one another in order to implement new findings successfully and together.

Our team


Gasser Martin

President & Founder

Adrian Niculescu

Captain - StartUp Mentoring, Marketing Expert

Dr. Claudia Lazar

Chief Operating Officer MyFair Institut