Our benefit for everyone

Your chances

Our benefit



The MyFair association community area enables you to exchange ideas with the entire community in an uncomplicated way and free of censorship, to get to know each other, to gain mutual benefits and to pursue common goals.



A wealth of new possibilities is waiting for you here to successfully shape your visions and to better position your ideas.


Alternative health

The focus is on promoting human knowledge, in particular people's education in their sustainable relationship, as well as self-help for those who have the same problem or concern and want to do something about it or for it together.


Akadmie-KE$H and The School of Life

The focus is on promoting the human level of knowledge, especially in basic research and awareness-raising.


Charity & regional

In good times we unfortunately all too often forget that life cannot always go uphill and that many of our fellow human beings lie on the ground without help, often through strokes of fate.


Associations & alternatives

Advised by experts from our midst, all members have the opportunity to fall back on in-depth knowledge and, with the help of their know-how, to create alternatives, solutions and new perspectives.


Your quality of life

Using the exclusivity of a community for yourself and all members brings enormous advantages. It secures your future for a while and protects you so that you can maintain and enjoy your standard of living without restrictions in the future.


Promote your goals & ideas

There are many good and innovative ideas on our mother earth, but in order to make them known there is usually either the necessary manpower or the necessary know-how.




Every member has the opportunity to benefit from online and digital,



The possibility to get actively involved in the association and to be part of it, in order to contribute actively or passively to


Regional for EVERYONE

In order to strengthen the cohesion in any region and thereby support the resulting courage